Litchi production and production in Taiwan

in Domestic Journal (external review journal), 國內期刊(外審期刊)
標題Litchi production and production in Taiwan
AuthorsJer-Chia Chang, 張哲嘉, & Yen 顏昌瑞
出版日期2009 / 1

Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) was introduced into Taiwan more than 200 years ago being cultivated as a treasured fruit. Since the 1950s, it has become an economically important horticultural crop. There are three major cultivars among 30 varieties in our country. The most popular cultivar in Taiwan is ‘Haak Yip’, a middle maturing cultivar which is widely adaptable to different growing conditions and which produces abundant yields. ‘Haak Yip’ is cultivated on about 86% of all area in Taiwan under litchi production. It is followed in popularity by the shriveled-seed, superior quality and high-priced cultivar ‘Yu Her Pau’and ‘73-S-20’, a branch line of ‘No Mai Tsz’. ‘Tainung No.1’, a progeny of hybridization seedlings from ‘Haak Yip’(as the mother plant) and ‘Yu Her Pau’, was developed for commercial use and released by the Chia-Yi Agricultural Experiment Station, TARI in 2004. Although commercial cultural trails have been well established in litchi, the short production season of ‘Haak Yip’, the poor/irregular productivity and fruit physiological disorders such as fruit cracking and variation in shriveled-seed ratio in ‘Yu Her Pau’ and ‘73-S-20’are constraints to the industry. Based on the policy of the ‘appropriate cultivar at appropriate region’, some elite cultivars, despite of the poor flowering and fruit set, attempts are being put into practices that will diversify/extend the production period of litchi into certain geographical regions by matching ecological environments with market demands. Nowadays, researchers in Taiwan are involved in an intensive litchi breeding program and in the development of novel cultural techniques to enhance commercial fruit production in ‘Yu Her Pau’ and ‘73-S-20’.

期刊名稱Journal of the Agriculture Association of Taiwan
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