Developing Learning on Blogs based on Blog Learning

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Developing Learning on Blogs based on Blog Learning
AuthorsSHU-YI LIAW, 廖世義, & 陳淑貞
出版日期Jul 15 2008 12:0

The traditional teaching method adopts one by more modes, in spite of having immediately effect of communicating through the vernacular speech dissemination, but become to fill a duck type education. Along with blog technology had features of multimedia and across space-time, let the learning environment was enriched virtually. Therefore this study compiles literatures and generalizes important aspects by expert's questionnaire. The research design applied a quasi-experiment method and divided students into experimental group (individual type) and control group (integrative type).This study takes junior students of two classes in college as objects, and then manages to carry on the topic of "business esthetics" in the information curriculum. This research inquires about learning performance from the students at the achievement test, learning satisfaction and peers interactive degrees of three aspects. The results show that:(1) the students of individual type have significant learning satisfaction than integrative type.(2) the interface usage convenience of blogs have significant correlations with the student's learning satisfaction from both teaching models designed.

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