Emission characteristics of gas pollutants from a soybean biodiesel fueled generator

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題Emission characteristics of gas pollutants from a soybean biodiesel fueled generator
AuthorsKuo-Lin Huang, 黃國林, Lien-Te Hsieh 陳瑞仁, & Hsin-Chung Tsai 蔡
出版日期May 26 2009 12:0

Biodiesel is popularly discussed in many countries owing to the increased
environmental awareness and the rising price of petroleum. Until now using biodiesels
as an alternative fuel for diesel engines has been extensively studied and applied.
However, few researches have been conducted on the application of biodiesels for
diesel-fueled generators. The main theme of this study is the setup of test equipments of
a biodiesel-fueled generator to investigate different bearing powers (none, low, medium,
and high loads) and fuel compositions [B0 (100% diesel), B10 (10% soybean oil + 90%
diesel), B20 (20% soybean oil + 80% diesel), and B50 (50% soybean oil + 50% diesel)]
effects on emission characteristics of gas pollutants (CO, NOx, and SO2). Despite the
bearing power, the average reductions of SO2 were 8.05%, 16.7%, and 28.6% for B10,
B20, and B50 samples, respectively, compared to that of B0. NOx emitted from the
generator was the lowest at zero bearing power regardless of soy-biodiesel addition. In
comparison to the case of B0, the NOx emission increased by 0.84%, 8.96%, and 12.5%
for B10, B20, and B50, respectively, under the tested different bearing power loadings,
whereas the increases of NOx emission were 44%, 76%, and 48% for B10, B20, and
B50, respectively, at moderate loadings conditions (7 kW and 10 kW). Regardless of the
fuel composition, the CO emission was the highest at the zero loading. The CO
emission was significantly lower using the B10 and B20 than using the B0.
Conclusively, the tested soy-biodiesel can be used as an alternative fuel in the diesel
generator to reduce SO2 and CO emissions when compared with the premium diesel

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