Flow and concentration analysis inside a microchannel with lightning grooves at two floors

in Domestic Journal (Other), 國內期刊(其他)
標題Flow and concentration analysis inside a microchannel with lightning grooves at two floors
AuthorsCi-Syuan Lu, 盧奇炫, Jyh Jian Chen 陳志堅, Ji-Hung Liau 廖基宏, & Tse Yu Hsieh 謝澤余
出版日期2009 / 7

This study utilizes the numerical simulations to discuss the flow and mixing characteristics whereas the pressure-driven flow passes through the microchannel with lightning-grooved microstructures. The lightning grooves at the top and/or bottom side of the floors in the micromixer are placed to generate the chaotic advection. The lightning grooves are designed by setting the oblique straight grooves at the angle of 45°, and creating the right angle corner at the 2/3 width of the channel. And then the influences of various geometric parameters on mixing in terms of velocity vector diagram, streak line diagram and cross-sectional concentration distribution are
investigated. A stronger transverse flow is created by placing the lightning grooves on the floors. At Reynolds numbers of 1-50, vortex flows can be induced at the corners of the grooves with the lightning grooves on the floors, and it can increase the contact areas between fluids in the corners. As the offset of the groove or the ratio of the groove depth to the channel height is larger than the critical value, the vortex near the right angle corner of the lightning grooves is diminished. Mixing
can not be improved. Finally, results illustrate that four helical flows are created within the channel, and the channel with grooves on the top and bottom floors induces larger rotating flow than that with grooves on the bottom floor.

期刊名稱Taiwan Institute of Biological Mechatronics
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