Feasibility of Using Weak Aggregate from Hill Slope in Permeable Concrete Design

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Feasibility of Using Weak Aggregate from Hill Slope in Permeable Concrete Design
AuthorsHung-Yu Wang, 王弘祐, Chen 陳旺志, Wen-Guey Chung 鍾文貴, & 賴俊彥
出版日期Nov 6 2009 12:0

The sampling slope locates on a country road near Sen-Mu village. Nan-tou The slope is bold and covered by weak gravels with small portion of fine particles. Vegetation coverage is only around 15% of area of the slope. The study intends to use the in-situ materials to produce permeable cement concrete. The concrete hopefully is proposed to used in a short retaining wall to preserve the fine particles from being eroded. Physical characteristics of the in-situ gravels are examined in laboratory to study the feasibility of using them in permeable concrete mixture. Some of the in-situ gravels are not well bound which can be split by bare hands. Shape of the particles is classified as elongated angular. Specific gravity is 2.5 and absorption capacity is 5%. Coarse particles (particle size 4.75mm) occupy 53% of the hole materials. The particles sustain on #4 sieve make up the major part (81%) of the coarse particles. Fineness Modulus of the fine particles (particle size < 4.75mm) quals to 4. Materials from the slope are not qualified to be used in regular cement concretes. Regular concrete specimens contain the in-situ coarse aggregate with 0.4 W/C can only reach 150kg/cm2. The permeable concrete specimens, containing different ratio and gradation of the in-situ gravels, both coarse and fine particles, can only gain 82 kg/cm2 in strength and 4 × 10-2cm/sec in
permeability coefficient.. All permeable concrete in the study have 0 slumps. The next stage of this study is proposed to improve the workability and strength of the
permeable concretes to a particle level.
Keywords: permeable concrete, weak aggregate, permeability, concrete mix

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