What did the Agriculture Products’ Traceability System mean to Farmers in Taiwan?

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題What did the Agriculture Products’ Traceability System mean to Farmers in Taiwan?
AuthorsChih-Ming Chen, 陳志銘, Sherrie Wei 林盛萱, & Ching-Chun Shih 施靜君
出版日期Nov 6 2010 12:0

A product traceability system enables to provide information on the history, source, location, movement, and storage conditions of agriculture products in the farm-to-table process. This study aims at understanding the meanings and values of the agriculture products’ traceability system in Taiwan from farmers’ perspectives. Qualitative research methods of in-depth interviews were made with various stakeholders, including six production and marketing cooperative teams as well as two farmers’ markets. The research results include: (1) Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability (TAFT) system is a stepping stone for farmers to apply for the production certification by Global GAP (Good Agriculture Practice); (2) The production certifications of TAFT and Global GAP systems allow farmers to establish their own product brands and help add values into the agriculture products; (3) While the certifications by TAFT and Global GAP have the effect of team control on individual farmers, farmers are confused by the government’s attempts toward different certifications of safe and good agriculture products in Taiwan; (4) The promotion of TAFT system needs to rely on the organization of production and marketing cooperative teams; at the same time, the small farmers were marginalized due to their inabilities to individually apply for and carry out the TAFT technological requirements; (5) It would be difficult for farmers to continue practicing TAFT or Global GAP without government’s financial support. The researchers suggest government strategically continue supporting farmers and work on establishing mutual recognition and agreement with other countries on the traceability certifications. Government should also provide farmers and consumers with clear information on differentiating various safe and good agriculture practices.
Keywords: Agriculture product, Agriculture product and food traceability system, production and marketing cooperative teams, small farmers

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