Effects of brine injection on quality of pork during refrigerated storage

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題Effects of brine injection on quality of pork during refrigerated storage
AuthorsYi-Hsien Chen, 陳義弦, Chih-Ming Chen 陳志銘, & Ying-Yu Tseng 曾穎玉
出版日期Sep 23 2008 12:0

The improvement of quality of hot-boned pork loin chops injected with 3 different brines during refrigerated storage (2℃)was investigated. The chops(M. longissimus dorsi)were injected with 3.5% SC, 5.0% SL, COM(3.5%SC, 5.0%SL and 1.0%sodium tripolyphosphate,)and the deionized water(DW).
For 10 day storage, pH values were declining with increasing storage time. The pH values of DW treatment were lowest and the COM treatment was highest. The results showed that the COM solution extend a values, stabilize meat oxidation, it had the lowest L value (P < 0.05)of samples. VBN values were lower than DW samples, TPC of samples treated with SL and COM was lowest. For juiciness, tenderness and umami, the COM samples had the highest scores. The salty taste of COM samples are higher, the overall acceptability are the highest(P < 0.05). Adding 5% brine in hot-bone pork loin chops (10% green weight of meat): COM treatment had the best effect, the SC treatment are next. Eating and storage quality of those samples stored at 2℃ for 10 days were dramatically improved.

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