Studies on the fruit quality of wax apples

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題Studies on the fruit quality of wax apples
AuthorsLu Ting-Sen, 呂廷森
出版日期Nov 5 2009 12:0

The composition of the pigment in the skin of Wax apple affects its fruit color and also influences consumers’ willingness to buy.
In our study, we collected species of Nanyan pink Wax apple fruits as our sample data. We used spectrophotometry, as well as refractometry for sugars to analysis their fruit color and quality on different classified levels of wax apples. We got some conclusions from the results. There is no relevance between the fruit color and the length, width, volume and weight of fruits on 6 different classified levels AAA (bright black), AA (pan-black), A (light black), BBB (bright red), BB (red), and B (light red). However, they are positively correlated with the appearance of the assessment and the desire of buying when consumers are choosing wax apples. They also have the same affects on the sweetness and the sensory flavor on consumption. But, they are negative correlations on tartness, acidity and astringency. There is no obvious correlation shows that the fruit color will affect the hardness, the degrees of crisp and the degree of softness. In fact, in the analysis of the actual fruit, AAA and AA classifications have higher content of anthocyanin and flavonoid. On the other hand, BBB and BB classifications have higher content of chlorophyll. Also, AAA and AA classifications have higher sugar content and lower acidity. Usually, fruits have higher ratio differences between sweetness and acidity will have better taste and are more popular. In general, the fruit color of wax apple fruit can be used as a reference when we are purchasing wax apple fruits.

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