Effects of medium formulae on Plantlet Growth of Nobile Dendorobium

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題Effects of medium formulae on Plantlet Growth of Nobile Dendorobium
AuthorsLu Ting-Sen, 呂廷森
出版日期Nov 5 2009 12:0

Nobile type Dendrobium in the potted orchids industry has very high market potential. It is well known that the characteristics of medium for the cultivation of seedlings have a close relationship with the growth of plant. In order to produce strong and good quality seedlings, we planted D. Snowflake‘Red Star’aerial vegetative shoot on 6 different kinds of culture medium in 5 cm of soft plastic pots. Then, we conducted research on the status of growth of seedlings 6 months later.
The studied data showed that the status of the root system on sphagnum moss has the best result. It has the highest rate on new shoot and bud emergence with 63% of significant differences compared to other study cases. The study cases on sphagnum moss and coir: perlite (with a ratio of 3:1) produce best results on the height of plant and the count of node. It can reach to 120.66 ~ 139.31 mm high and 6.68 ~ 7.48 node which is significant differences. The diameter of the largest pseudobulb could reach 12.72 ~ 15.06 mm. The rate of uppermost leaf can also reach 98% and can be bred into maturation plants.

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