The development and application of the rice miRNAs microarray

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題The development and application of the rice miRNAs microarray
AuthorsChen-Yu Lee, 李鎮宇, Wei-Ting Liu 劉威廷, Chun-chi Liu 劉俊吉, & Jeremy J.W. Chen 陳健尉
出版日期Nov 5 2009 12:0

Rice(Oryza sativa L.)is an important model plant for scientific research. MiRNAs , which play a role in regulation of plant growth and development, were explored and confirmed recently. In this report, we have established a biochip containing 329 miRNAs sets, 6 internal control probes and null-oligo spots arranged randomly, with a total of 2240 spots in each sector on customized miRNAs microarray chip. Cy5 was labeled with optimized 2ug small RNAs and hybridized at 42℃ for 4 hr, then scanned and digitalized the signature for further analysis. miRNAs profiling in selected rice cultivars were analyzed by using new designed miRNAs microarray. There are specific miRNAs expression tendency similar to the result from real-time PCR analysis. There is a relationship between miRNAs profiling and rice variety characters, such as plant height and disease resistance. Rice miRNAs profiling database and data analysis method could be further established for studying on regulation roles of miRNAs in rice. The developed technology should be beneficial for more comprehensive and molecular regulation mechanism on rice research.

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