HPLC profiles of pigments in the variety taxa of colored rice

in Domestic Conference (Abstract oral presentation), 國內研討會(摘要口頭發表)
標題HPLC profiles of pigments in the variety taxa of colored rice
AuthorsLu Ting-Sen, 呂廷森
出版日期Nov 27 2007 12:0

Colored rice was the variety which mutated from Tainung 67 by chemical inducer sodium azide. The variety possessed the traits of wide range of coloration in the pericarp of rice grains. HPLC profiles of pigment composition for 22 taxa of colored rice were illustrated in order to serve as a definite pigment reference for the further breeding study. The grain color ranged from black, brown to yellow. The major three anthocyanins have been identified as cyanidin (Cy), peonidin (Pn) 3-glucoside and Cy 3,5-diglucoside, respectively, by chemical and spectral methods. HPLC analysis revealed that in all taxa contained Cy 3-glucoside (trace- 98.3%) as the dominant anthocyanins along with a small amount of Pn 3- glucoside (trace- 12.0%) and Cy 3,5-diglucoside (trace-10.2%). On the other hand, proanthocyanin distribution patterns were diversiform. Further study on the utilization value of colorful rice grain for health food production will bring positive impact to the development of rice industry.

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