Canine Cholangiocarinoma with Multiple Metastases

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Canine Cholangiocarinoma with Multiple Metastases
AuthorsLin-Yu Hsien, 林宥先, CHING-DONG CHANG 張清棟, Tsung-Chou Chang 張聰洲, Tsung-Hung Feng 馮宗宏, Yung(Yeong)-Huey Wu 吳永惠, Liao Ming-Huei 廖明輝, Hung-Jen Liu 劉宏仁, Chia-Yu Hsieh 蔡志仁, Chia-Yu Hiseh 謝嘉裕, & Tsai Shinn Shyong 蔡信雄
出版日期May 22 2010 12:0

There are some case reports of cholangiocarcinoma in dogs,cats,and domestic animals.However,the prevalence of cholangiocarcinoma in dogs is rare.An eight years old,male,mix-breed dog,shows clinically depression,anorexia,anemia,and vomiting.The abdomen images show ground gross pattern radiographically.In ultrasonography,the liver is hyperechoic.At necropsy,large amount of ascite was found in abdomined cavity.Multiple,slightly-firm,irregularly-shape,variable-size,tan to gray nodules were randomly scattered in liver.In the histopathologically,the characteristics of neoplastic cells were consistent with those of cholangiocarcinoma.The result of positive cytokeratin and negative vimentin stain were also consistent with those of cholangiocarcinoma immunohistochemically.Based on gross pathologic,histopathologic,immunohistochemical,radiographic and ultrasonographic findings,cholangiocarcinoma was diagnosis in this dog.Multiple metastases of cholangiocarcinoma to bone marrow and spleen were also found in this dog.

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