Could Bioenergy be Used to Mitigate and Harvest Greenhouse Gases in Taiwan?

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Could Bioenergy be Used to Mitigate and Harvest Greenhouse Gases in Taiwan?
AuthorsReyes Calderon, 柯德隆, & Huang 黃文琪
出版日期Aug 10 2010 12:0

Three factors affect the prospects for bioenergy in Taiwan: (1) increases in crude oil prices, (2) concerns for national energy security, and (3) concerns for climate change and global warning. We examined the prospect technology and economics of bioenergy in Taiwan. The research finds how much bioenergy, especially biopower, can be produced locally. Using previous studies based on the Taiwan Agricultural Sector Model (TASM) developed by Chen and Hsu (2004), and the Forest and Agricultural Sector Optimization Model-Greenhouse Gas (FASOMGHG) used in the U.S. Both models allow to simulate the agricultural markets. They predict the future production levels of bioenergy in Taiwan given various sources of biomass, and coal. Taiwan developed legal frameworks and set up bioenergy plants in order to cope with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and adjust to international trend. In addition, legal mandates have ordered the use of B1 biodiesel (1%) in motor fuels –beginning in July 2008–, and has set a goal to mandate E3 gasohol (3%), to replace methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) in 2011. The analysis of the models and its results, help to understand how the Taiwanese agriculture sector may offer a way to reduce net GHG emissions.

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