Effect of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Alternatives on Growth Performances and Intestinal Physiology of Broilers

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題Effect of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Alternatives on Growth Performances and Intestinal Physiology of Broilers
AuthorsYu, 余祺
出版日期Aug 23 2010 12:0

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation with antibiotics and antibiotic alternatives on growth performances and intestinal physiology of broilers. One hundred and fifty day-old Arbor Acres broilers were randomly allocated into 5 treatments × 2 replicates with 15 birds in each pen. The five treatment groups were: basal diet (control group), 2.5 ppm NHT (nosiheptide), 55 ppm tyrosin, 1000 ppm GLFP (Ganoderma lucidum fermented products), and 2500 ppm BA (bacteriocin). Feed and water were provided ad libitum. Birds were weighed individually; feed consumption and feed efficiency were recorded at 21 and 35 days of age. Five birds from each treatment were randomly selected and jejunal samples were taken at 21 and 35 days of age for mucosa morphology, gut microflora, and mRNA expression of mucin, lysozyme, and beta-defensin. The result showed that the body weight of 35-day old chickens was not significantly different among all treatment groups. The feed efficiency was improved at 0-35 days of age in NHT group as compared to tylosin one. The number of E. coli in the jejunum was decreased at 21 days of age when BA and GLFP were supplemented. Birds fed with NHT significantly increased the villus height/crypt depth ratio compared to BA and control groups at 21 days of age. In order to evaluate the effect of different feed additives on secretion proteins of jejunal mucosa, mRNA expression of mucin, lysozyme, and beta-defensin were determined by semi-quantitative real-time PCR. The expression of mucin and beta-defensin were significantly increased in NHT and tylosin groups than control group. The production of lysozyme in transcriptional level revealed no significant differences between groups. To sum up, there were no significant differences on growth performances among different dietary treatments. However, the administration of antibiotics and antibiotic alternatives showed the regulatory effects on gut bacterial populations, mucosa morphology, and expression of secretory proteins of jejunum.

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