Towards a Greater Understanding of Online customization

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Towards a Greater Understanding of Online customization
AuthorsLiu, 劉貞吟, & yunw 王韻
出版日期Dec 3 2009 12:0
會議地點Hong Kong

This study tried to explain why/how customers accept online customization. Perceived
usefulness, perceived ease of use (adapted from Technology Acceptance Model, TAM), and
perceived security were proposed toward a greater understanding of online customization.
Besides, customers’ experience with internet was introduced as an important antecedent. The
results of an online survey of 303 Taiwan college students support our hypotheses. This study
not only help firms to plan and adjust their market segmentation and e-commerce strategies, but also
to explain why firms go though the tremendous trouble, investment and human resources to develop
and upgrade security measures to influence customers’ attitudes toward acceptance of online
customization. The construct, customers’ experience with internet, suggests that firms should put
more effort to attract the technologically proficient customers.

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