The New Movement of Taiwan’s Technological and Vocational Education – Industry Academic Hand-in-Hand Collaborative Program

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標題The New Movement of Taiwan’s Technological and Vocational Education – Industry Academic Hand-in-Hand Collaborative Program
AuthorsHsiang-jen Meng, 孟祥仁, & Siou-ming Ji 紀秀明
出版日期2010 / 2

The purpose of this study is to discuss the promotion of “the Industry-Academic Hand-in-Hand Collaborative Program”. The discussion includes plan purpose, main characteristic, schooling system, the way to enter school, internship system, and scope of program. At the same time, this study presents some critiques for continue promoting in future purpose. The conclusions were reached as follows: (1)
text divides one and proposes the needle is demoted to implementing advantage and doubt that the present situation represents at the same time, Israel's profit plans the using of follow-up popularization. Advantage its in terms of student but speech system this can offer pluralism study channel and assist economic weak tendency student solve at the moment living a predicamenting life; Learn this system can be helped to cause and use the education ideal unified in terms of school; Can store and distinguish the necessary talents in the future ahead of time as regards cooperative manufacturer; Facilitate combining producing, officer, studying, training and injecting the new education way into industry and economy to social economic development. As for doubt component, student should delay, shunt who who it is excellent bad to still have objection or early; The qualified teacher that education can lack teaching of practice and know live still remains to overcome; Fail to strengthen and know the place deemed to slip with the humane ability to control oneself openly on the course design; Emphasize the job market knows that can overly simplify on cognition in practice, how its interface forms the focal point that the close relation is student's future study with the development of career, this point fails to fill the doing in the test amount of the share and still have regret which offers as a gift the pearl while planning here. Finally, Taiwan skill duty whom educational reform attempt undoubtedly, get rid of the passing breath of sticking to the established practice, try to activate the new motive force that the skill duty in Taiwan educates by new method of the new idea, can educate the skill duty in Taiwan to bring into new era.

期刊名稱Communication of Vocational Education
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