Development of a clutchless automatic manual transmission system for electric vehicle

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Development of a clutchless automatic manual transmission system for electric vehicle
AuthorsChih-Hsien Yu, 余致賢, & Chyuan-Yow 曾全佑
出版日期Nov 5 2010 12:0

Vehicles with automatic manual transmission (AMT) offer many advantages in terms of reduction of
fuel consumption, improvement of driving comfort, and shifting quality. The AMT can either automatically shift
gears using appropriate actuators mounted on manual transmission (MT) according to driver’s power command and
driving conditions, or in accordance with driver’s gear command through shift lever. Conventional AMT for
vehicles powered by internal combustion engine (ICE) requires an electronic controlled clutch to separate/engage
engine power for gear change smoothly, because of high inertia of the ICE. This complicates the system and thus
with high cost. In this study, an AMT design without the use of the clutch for electric vehicle (EV) is proposed.
The idea is mainly based on the fact that the inertia of the power motor of the EV is quite small compared with that
of the ICE. This enable electronically synchronize the speed of driving gear with driven gear in the MT gearbox
during the gear change operations. This paper introduces the design of the clutchless AMT. Its feasibility was
verified through a test rig.

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