Autonomous Field Robotic Vehicle with Embedded Multi-Sensor System for Agricultural Applications

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Autonomous Field Robotic Vehicle with Embedded Multi-Sensor System for Agricultural Applications
AuthorsChung-Liang Chang, 張仲良, Bo-Han Wu(advisee) 吳柏翰(學生), & Chieh-Cheng Chang(advisee) 張介政(學生)
出版日期Jan 26 2011 12:0
會議地點San Diego, CA

This paper proposes the design and construction of an
intelligence vehicle capable of mining, navigation
positioning, and avoiding obstacle. The multiple sensor
modules and micro-controller with data fusion technique
are integrated in order to guarantee the autonomy of
vehicle. In vehicle design, this paper presents a vehicle
equipped with three wheels and driven by front-wheels
whose speed difference changes the moving direction of
vehicle. Regarding the choice of sensor module, the
system adopts ultrasonic transducers and infrared
proximity sensors to detect the distance between obstacle
and vehicle to avoid collision and maintain fixed distance.
The positioning estimator utilizes electronic compass,
gyroscope, odometry, and accelerometer and combines
GPS module to navigate safely. Color sensor is used for
exploration. The data fusion method is accomplished
through programmable logic decision technique and
implemented on micro-controller board. The proposed
prototype vehicle is experimented on outdoor onion fields.
Firstly, under sole adoption of GPS module, the system
can initially estimate the absolute position of vehicle.
Then, the system can determine its relative position
through combination with navigator. During the moving
process of vehicle, the vehicle can smoothly move on
onion fields without collision using the proposed sensing
system onboard, obstacle detection and mining system.
This technique can be applied to precise agriculture in the

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