Applied DGD method on Pump Gear Design and its CAE Simulation

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Applied DGD method on Pump Gear Design and its CAE Simulation
AuthorsShih-Ying Huang, 黃釋瑩, Wu 吳育仁, & 尤廣毅
出版日期Oct 6 2010 12:0

The external gear pump, which comprises a pair of meshing gears in the pump casing, has been widely used in the hydraulic system. With the rotation of the driving gear, the fluid within tooth spaces is compressed out from the outlet as the gear teeth are continuously meshing. However, the clearances and the trapped volumes in the gear pump may reduce the pump efficiency and cause damage to the gears.
Instead of the traditional rack generation method, this paper applies the Direct Gear Design (DGD) method to design the pump gear profiles since it can adjust the tooth profile more instinctively, reduce the trapped volumes, increase the teeth volumes and easily optimizing the tooth profile. Besides, the commercial thermo-fluid CAE software ANSYS-Fluent is used to analyze the average flow rate, the pressure and velocity fields of the gear pump to evaluate its performance. The results show that the pump gears designed by the DGD method can be more efficient than the traditional rack generation method. Most importantly, the gear pump with high efficiency can carry out energy saving and bring economic merit in many application domains.

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