The Stepping Motor Rotor Magnetization Study

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題The Stepping Motor Rotor Magnetization Study
AuthorsLiu HsuJeng, 劉思正, Yu YIShu 余易書, & Chen YiSi 陳羿希
出版日期Nov 15 2010 12:0

This text tests the design method to confirm and fill the magnetism position in order to influence the rotor of the stepper motor to fill the average most important factor of magnetism with the field cause for gossip, reducing stepper motor noise that and can be effective by this. Experiment prove is it adopt surface magnetism bunches of survey device and noise is it is it carry on magnetism bunches of survey examine with noise amount to come to count mainly to analyse. Very important reason that it produces the noise that it is the motor or not that the rotor of the stepper motor serves as the magnetism averagly to turn round; And is shown that it may fill the average most relevant factor or not of magnetism to fill the magnetism position by the theory of the motor and practice experience, other influence serves as the magnetism and is distributed the even quality factor still include and fill voltage of magnetism, time,etc.. It will influence and fill the average factor or not of magnetism that this text tests and designs the law according to the field cause for gossip at first, fill the magnetism position, fill the voltage of magnetism, filling the magnetism to count, fill magnetism temperature second, Carry on the experimental design with analyse and trying to get the parameter group that filled the magnetism and optimized. Experimental work then is it fill field mouth what law obtain magnetism optimize the parameter to include, implement rotor magnetite fill magnetism homework, after confirming by magnetism bunches of survey device figure and error value by surface, and then put it into stepper motor and measure its noise value.

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