Alkylphenols in Human Milk and Their Relations to Dietary Habits in Central Taiwan

in Social Sciences Citation Index(SSCI), 社會科學引用文獻索引資料庫(SSCI)
標題Alkylphenols in Human Milk and Their Relations to Dietary Habits in Central Taiwan
出版類型SSCI(Social Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsGuan-Wen Chen, 陳冠文, Wang-Hsien Ding 丁望賢, Hsiu-Ying Ku 古姁鈺, How-Ran Chao/Hao-Jan Chao 趙浩然, Hsiao-Yen Chen 陳廖彥, Meng-Chuan Huang 黃孟娟, & Shu-Li Wang 王淑麗
出版日期2010 / 5

The aims of this study were to determine the concentrations of 4-nonylphenol (NP) and 4-octylphenol (OP)
in 59 human milk samples and to examine related factors including mothers’ demographics and dietary
habits. Women who consumed over the median amount of cooking oil had significantly higher OP concen-
trations (0.98 ng/g) than those who consumed less (0.39 ng/g) (P < 0.05). OP concentration was signifi-
cantly associated with the consumption of cooking oil (b = 0.62, P < 0.01) and fish oil capsules (b = 0.39,
P < 0.01) after adjustment for age and body mass index (BMI). NP concentration was also significantly asso-
ciated with the consumption of fish oil capsules (b = 0.38, P < 0.01) and processed fish products (b = 0.59,
P < 0.01). The food pattern of cooking oil and processed meat products from factor analysis was strongly
associated with OP concentration in human milk (P < 0.05). These determinations should aid in suggesting
foods for consumption by nursing mothers in order to protect their infants from NP/OP exposure.

期刊名稱Food and Chemical Toxicology
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