From Eco-tourism to Eco-community-Reconstructing Shir-Ding Community

in International Symposium (poster summary), 國際研討會(摘要海報發表)
標題From Eco-tourism to Eco-community-Reconstructing Shir-Ding Community
AuthorsChen, 陳美惠
出版日期Aug 27 2010 12:0

This research uses Shir-Ding Community, which is located at the southernmost of Taiwan island, as a case study for discussing how a remote and relatively isolated community reconstructs its society in the context of increasing interaction with mainstream culture and government. The traditional lifestyle and socioeconomic system of the Shir-Ding Community has undergone gradual dissolution. To counter this process, the community is striving to develop ecotourism, and looks forward to becoming an eco-community. Our fieldwork shows that in spite of successes in developing ecotourism, the Shir-Ding Community continues to confront several predicaments which hinder their goal of becoming an ecocommunity. The study suggests that though Shir-Ding Community has potential to realize its reconstruction, it still confronts challenges inevitably faced by many relatively remote and solitary communities. Therefore, we conclude that the community should broaden the scope of its development agenda beyond ecotourism, taking into consideration reinforcement of social and cultural conditions to facilitate achieving its long-term goals.

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