A Study of Ventilating and Watertight Resin on Mudstone Soil Erosion Control

in English journal, 英文期刊
標題A Study of Ventilating and Watertight Resin on Mudstone Soil Erosion Control
AuthorsChung-Li Hsu, 許中立, & Dai 戴欣怡
出版日期2010 / 12

High-intensity rainfall usually causes runoff and inter-rill erosion on slopes, which are serious problems of soil and water conservation. To accelerate the re-vegetation of exposed landslide areas, hydroseeding is widely applied as an economically feasible way. However, various hydroseeding materials have different effective durations, the concentration for plant growth has some influence, and additives may be exuded. This research used a ventilating and watertight resin spray on a mudstone soil surface to investigate soil erosion, drainage water quality, and soil hardness using a rainfall simulator with various conditions of slope, rainfall intensity, and concentration. The results showed that soil erosion significantly decreased, suggesting a good erosion-resisting effect by the ventilation and watertight resin. Moreover, no significant variation in drainage water was observed, and chemical substances were not likely to be released after gelling. Nevertheless, the high resin density will result in poor workability as well as high costs; an adverse effect is that the mudstone will fracture due to raindrop impact. Therefore, realizing the benefits of the concentration of ventilating and watertight resin on erosion control improvements of mudstone soil for estimations and calculations will be conducted for future applications.

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