Rural teachers’ acceptance of an IWB-based ICT in Taiwan

in Foreign journal (ABI), 國外期刊(ABI)
標題Rural teachers’ acceptance of an IWB-based ICT in Taiwan
AuthorsHsiang-jen Meng, 孟祥仁
出版日期2011 / 7

ABSTRACT: In order to understand the realistic use and impact of interactive white boards (IWB) on ICT in Taiwan,
a survey was used to gather information on teachers’ perceptions. The technology acceptance model was used as the
theoretical basis in this study. Collected data were analysed using the structural equation modelling technique (SEM).
A total of 335 questionnaires were retrieved from 114 rural schools, a return rate of 62.28%. The confirmatory factor
analysis (CFA) test by SEM showed a satisfactory model fit to the hypothetical model. Important results were:
1) Perceived ease of use (PEU) has a positive and direct impact on perceived usefulness (PU), indicating that IWB are
favoured by teachers and encounters zero resistance; 2) PEU and PU both have a positive and direct impact on
behavioural intentions to use (BI), indirectly suggesting that greater convenience and practicability of IWB can increase
teachers’ intention to use IWB; and 3) Behavioural intention to use IWB has a direct impact on actual system use,
which demonstrates that IWB-based teaching environments already have been widely integrated by teachers into their
teaching methods.
Keywords: Rural teachers, interactive white board, technology acceptance model, structural equation modelling

期刊名稱Global Journal of Engineering Education
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