A Compressive Sampling Approach to Narrowband Interference Elimination for GNSS

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題A Compressive Sampling Approach to Narrowband Interference Elimination for GNSS
AuthorsChung-Liang Chang, 張仲良, & Guo-Shing Huang 黃國興
出版日期Nov 15 2011 12:0

In this paper, the scenario where a modified compressive sampling algorithm
acquires global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signal contaminated by
an interfering signal is presented. Note that if the interfering signal exists in
a known subspace orthogonal to the desired signal, the compressive
measurements are projected into an orthogonal subspace and then the
interference is nulled out. Besides, the interference cancellation method
keeps the restricted isometry property (RIP) property of the sampling
process which assures that distances between desired signals in the space are
not influenced by the sampling process. Therefore, the state embedding of
desired signal stays in the compressive domain and the proposed method
remains robust in term of measurement noise and sampling non-idealities.
The simulation result shows that the proposed method can enhance signal
acquisition performance under the present of interference. It is shown that
cancelling the interference in the compressive sampling process is helpful in
subsequent signal acquisition in contrast to the fast Fourier transform (FFT)-
based excisor approach.

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