Smoke Propagation in an Inclined Semi-Circular Long Tunnel

in English journal, 英文期刊
標題Smoke Propagation in an Inclined Semi-Circular Long Tunnel
AuthorsJik Chang Leong, 梁智創, CHIN-LUNG CHANG 張金龍, Yung-Chuan Chen 陳勇全, & Li-Wen Chen 陳立文
出版日期2012 / 1

This work used FDS to simulate tunnel fires in a semi-circular longitudinally ventilated tunnel. The influence of the tunnel gradient, the fire size, and the ventilation velocity on the backlayering effect and downstream smoke propagation rate can be recognized. Under weak ventilation, the backlayering effect either advances or vanishes depending on the slope of the tunnel. Under stronger ventilation, the backlayering effect would break up. The temperature distributions may become less and less dependent on the tunnel gradient when the ventilation velocity increases. Even though the hot gases and smoke in uphill tunnels propagate faster than those in downhill tunnels,their difference reduces with ventilation velocity.

期刊名稱Advanced Materials Research
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