Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Actuator for Impedance

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標題Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Actuator for Impedance
AuthorsChia-Yen Lee, 李佳言, Yao-Nan Wang 王耀男, Tsai Chien-Hsiung 蔡建雄, Tai 戴昌賢, CHIN-LUNG CHANG 張金龍, & Fu Lung-Ming 傅龍明
出版日期2011 / 6

This study designs and analyzes an impedance pump utilizing an electromagnetic
actuator. The pump is designed to have three major components, namely a lower glass substrate
patterned with a copper micro-coil, a microchannel, and an upper glass cover plate attached a
magnetic PDMS diaphragm. When a current is passed through the micro-coil, an electromagnetic
force is established between the coil and the magnetic diaphragm. The resulting deflection of the
PDMS diaphragm creates an acoustic impedance mismatch within the microchannel, which results
in a net flow. Overall, the simulated results reveal that a net flow rate of 52.8 μl/min can be obtained
using a diaphragm displacement of 31.5 μm induced by a micro-coil input current of 0.5 A. The
impedance pump proposed in this study provides a valuable contribution to the ongoing
development of Lab-on-Chips (LoCs) systems.

期刊名稱Key Engineering Materials
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