Baseline concentrations of toxic elements in metropolitan park soils of Taiwan

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標題Baseline concentrations of toxic elements in metropolitan park soils of Taiwan
AuthorsJien, 簡士濠, Tzou-Chi Huang 蔡呈奇, Hseu 許正一, & Z.S. Chen 陳尊賢
出版日期2011 / 1

Twenty-four soil profiles were investigated at the urban parks of recreational, commercial, and industrial cities in Taiwan to evaluate the contamination and sources of potentially toxic elements (Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, As, and Hg). The experimental results indicted that a positive significant correlation existed between Pb and Zn (r = 0.38*, p < 0.05) and Ni and As (r = 0.35*, p < 0.05). Multivariate statistical analysis suggested that sources of Cu, Pb and Zn were mainly from industrial activities and traffic emission while Cr, Ni and As were mainly inherited from parent materials. Industrial activities in Kaohsiung city cause contamination with Cu (91.1 mg/kg in average) and Zn (126 mg/kg in average) in urban surface soils. High traffic flow in Taipei city leads a clear risk of Pb contamination (56.8 mg/kg in average) in the urban surface soils. Although substantial concentrations of As (28.7 mg/kg in average) and Ni (12.8 mg/kg in average) were found in the recreational city, Yilan, most of both elements were still lower than the background levels in Taiwan and which are mainly released from parent materials, slate and argillite.

期刊名稱Terrestrial and Aquatic Environmental Toxicology
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