Design and Fabrication of Micro Oxygen Sensor

in English journal, 英文期刊
標題Design and Fabrication of Micro Oxygen Sensor
AuthorsChia-Yen Lee, 李佳言, Ming-Xiang Wang 王敏賢, CHIN-LUNG CHANG 張金龍, & Fu Lung-Ming 傅龍明
出版日期2011 / 6

In the study, a MEMS-based gas sensor is presented, which consists of a sensing thin
film deposited by RF sputtering and annealed at 375oC. The structure and surface pattern of the thin film are analyzed by XRD and SEM. The sensor consists of a substrate, Pt interdigitated electrodes and an SnO2 sensing layer. As concentration of oxygen changes, a change in the electrical conductivity of the SnO2 film is caused. The experimental results show that the measured resistance increases as the concentration of oxygen increases at a working temperature of 300oC. A good oxygen sensing performance is presented in the study.

期刊名稱Key Engineering Materials
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