Spectrum Respones Analysis for PCB with Heating ICS in Different Heating Conditions

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Spectrum Respones Analysis for PCB with Heating ICS in Different Heating Conditions
AuthorsBor-Tsuen Wang, 王?村, Lee 李曜成, 賴逸少, 葉昶麟, & 李英志
會議名稱 The 6th International Microsystems, Packaging Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (IMPACT 2011)
出版日期Oct 19 2011 12:0

Coupling effects of both thermal and vibration loadings on
printed circuit board (PCB) are of interest. This paper aims to study
the random vibration excitation of PCB with four heating ICs that are
used to emulate the temperature elevation during operations. Two
levels of heating conditions as well as without heating are considered
in this work. The vibration tests according to JESD22-B103-B are
carried out to measure the random vibration response of PCB under
the conditions of both with and without heating. The finite element
(FE) model of PCB with heating ICs is constructed and performed
spectrum response analysis with and without thermal effects. The
temperature distributions on PCB are first verified and shown good
agreement between finite element analysis (FEA) and experiments.
The power spectral density (PSD) functions of the acceleration on
the PCB in heating are also obtained and compared for both FEA and
experiments. The RMS accelerations on the PCB can be calculated
and matched well between the analytical and experimental results.
The fatigue evaluation due to coupling loadings from thermal and
vibration effects on the PCB is also addressed. This work presents
the systematic approaches in studying spectrum response analysis of
PCB with both thermal and vibration coupling loads and shows a
very good agreement results between FEA and experiments.

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