Finite Element Simulations of the Sinus Lifting Process

in English journal, 英文期刊
標題Finite Element Simulations of the Sinus Lifting Process
AuthorsChing-Chieh Huang, 黃金川, Li-Wen Chen 陳立文, Nan-Ming Yeh 葉南閔, Dong-Feng Wu 吳東豐, & Yung-Chuan Chen 陳勇全
出版日期2011 / 12

In the current market, the rotary sinus lift approach is developed by many manufacturers to substitute for the traditional osteotome technique. Sinus lift surgery can be achieved safely and accurately by using the rotary sinus lift approach. In this study, a three-dimensional elastic-plastic finite element model is used to simulate the contact stress between the sinus membrane and the sinus lift approach during sinus lifting process. Three different shape designs of the rotary sinus lift approach are explored. The results showed that the lift approach type A (flat top rounded corner shape) offers less damage and a higher lifting displacement of the sinus membrane during sinus lifting process.

期刊名稱Advanced Materials Research
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