An Exploratory Study on Transformation of Taiwan Pension Policy (2000-2004)

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題An Exploratory Study on Transformation of Taiwan Pension Policy (2000-2004)
AuthorsLin, 林宏陽
出版日期Jul 26 2007 12:0

It is evident from recent demographic statistics that the aging rate in East
Asian region will surpass Western countries by 2050. Unsurprisingly, pension reform
was one of the hot social issues in this area, and reforms had already been done one
after another either in radical or mild ways in last decade. Besides, it is also true that
there are a lot of studies about East Asian welfare developments which are written by
western scholars, but only a few of them are co-authored or authored by indigenous
scholars and, especially, published in English. The most important is that, as Bradshaw
(1994: 444) puts it, ‘for a foreign observer, they can be very alien and we often do not
understand the real meaning of what we see.’ Even though increasing numbers of
relevant works piling up in last decades, seldom of them scrutinise the pension policy processes or transfer from the perspectives of the interaction between government, academia and the public. This research not only inquires the transformation of DPP’s pension policy opinions before and after they came into power, but also observes the tripartite interaction (government, academia and the public).

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