A Research on Preference for Mobile Phone: A Taiwanese Case

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標題A Research on Preference for Mobile Phone: A Taiwanese Case
AuthorsLin, 林宏陽, & 張瑋芸
出版日期2009 / 10

A great ancient Chinese army advisor, Sun Tsu, said that if you would like to defeat your enemy in each battle, the best way is to “know both your enemies and yourself, then your victory is assured”. Simply speaking, the information makes winners. This has been and will always be a golden rule no matter in warfare or commercial competitions. In other words, contestants should not only know the characters of target market, but also their own advantages and disadvantages, then could conquer the specific “battlefield”. The ethos of population is often the most intricate part to deal with, which the research is based on.

This study not only takes exploratory approaches to know if cultural, social, consumer behavioural and preferential elements are influential to Taiwanese preferences of mobile phones, but also to find out the associations between people’s preference and above factors with chi-square test and Pearson correlation test. In this research, we find that culture, Social-Economic Status (SES), branding and personal preferences, have significant association with consumer’s background and their preferences on mobile phone, and we also conclude the correlations between those variables.

期刊名稱International Journal of Management Cases
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