Automatic LED lamps lift system with image/light quantum sensors for multi-layer cultivation frame

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題Automatic LED lamps lift system with image/light quantum sensors for multi-layer cultivation frame
AuthorsChung-Liang Chang, 張仲良, Yong-Cheng Huang(advisee) 黃永承(研究生), Guo-Fong Hong(advisee) 洪國豐(研究生), J. F. Chen(advisee) 陳建峰(大專生), J. L. Shie(advisee) 謝金龍(研究生), & Ying-Li Li 李應利
出版日期Jun 18 2012 12:0

This paper proposes an automatic LED lamp height adjustment system in
application to multi-layer cultivation frame. The system can automatically adjust the
range between lamp board and grow bed based on the light quantum value and
conditions of plant growth to effectively utilize the amount of light, save electricity power
and of cost hydrophobic seedlings. The design of rise/fall mechanism mainly adopts
one DC motor, screw, pulley and gear. The precision of height adjustment can reach
0.1 cm. Through the use of human-machine interface, the user can select the required
the intensity of photons based on demand in order to manually set the lighting range.
Through the use of programmable controller to drive DC motor, the motor can motivate
pulley to adjust range between the lamp board and grow bed. Besides, the system can
obtain average value of leaf span through video capture device, and this value is
correspondingly in mapping with plant light physiology database and automatically
adjust the LED lighting range so that it can adjust the amount of light according to the
stage of plant growth. The proposed method can solve the problem of insufficient light of LED. Also, the system can be applied to automatic in greenhouse system in the future.

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