Design and Implementation of Actuator for the Swing Mechanism of Bio-mimosa Robot

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Design and Implementation of Actuator for the Swing Mechanism of Bio-mimosa Robot
AuthorsChung-Liang Chang, 張仲良, & J. L. Shie(advisee) 謝金龍(研究生)
出版日期Aug 29 2012 12:0

Plasticity and shape alloy (PSA) in recent
years has been widely used in industrial and medical fields.
Through specific alloying process and the use of special
processing methods, the technique can accomplish alloy
shape and is capable of memory capacity. This paper
proposes an bionic mimosa robot. The PSA is employed in
swing mechanism design and the pulse width modulation
(PWM) control method is adopted to drive SMA.
Meanwhile, the optical sensor can detect the status of
environment, which results in a function of contraction for
mimosa robot. The heat shrinkage characteristics of
nickel-titanium alloy is used in the swing mechanism of
bionic mimosa, which is intended for the design of a linear
control actuator capable of changing the shape of the metal
type. First, the processed PSA is placed into the silicone
material of the leaf. Then, the actuator that controls the
swing mechanism is designed. The PWM technique is
utilized to drive and control PSA. Finally, the tip shift is
calculated through experiment results. Meanwhile, the
thermal imager is adopted to analyze the temperature
generated by PSA under different voltage. The values
obtained through analysis serve as reference for bionic
mimosa institutions and output electric current of
microcontroller in order to obtain the best swing quality.
The proposed method can be applied to future biomimetic
micro-robot system as well as the greenhouse field.

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