New Concept for the Overall use of Renewable Energy

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標題New Concept for the Overall use of Renewable Energy
AuthorsTai, 戴昌賢, Hsu 徐子圭, miao jr-ming 苗志銘, & 林洋郡
出版日期2012 / 7

The development and application of wind power for
renewable energy has attracted growing interest in recent years.
Renewable energy sources are attracting much alteration as they can
reduce both environmental damage and dependence on fossil fuels.
With the growing need for sustainable energy supplies, a case is made
for decentralized, stand-alone power supplies (SAPS) as an alternative
to power grids. In the era which traditional petroleum energy resource
decreasing and the green house affect significant increasing, the
development and usage of regenerative resources is inevitable. Due to
the contribution of the pioneers, the development of regenerative
resources already has a remarkable achievement; however, in the view
of economy and quantity, it is still a long road for regenerative energy
to replace traditional petroleum energy. In our prospective, in stead of
investigate larger regenerative energy equipment, it is much wiser to
think about the blind side and breakthrough of the current technique.

期刊名稱World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
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