A Case Study of Online Project-based Learning: The Beer King Project.

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標題A Case Study of Online Project-based Learning: The Beer King Project.
AuthorsHsiang-jen Meng, 孟祥仁
出版日期2010 / 1

This study aimed to develop and evaluate its effectiveness of an online project-based learning (PBL) for elementary school students. A website entitled “Beer King” was established and supplied to nine sixth grade elementary school students in a southern city of Taiwan. Content analysis was used to analyze students? experiences of online learning. The findings of this study are: 1) the most popular topics presented by students were the discovery and construction of the online project; 2) the co-designed website by students can promote students? information literacy and learn to share attitude; 3) students were able to convert the outcomes of their project into a topic-based learning website through the online PBL. Ultimately, the students showed remarkable improvements in their research skills, decision making, and capacity of implementation and evaluation; and 4) online PBL can develop the students? fundamental attitudes towards research, including their approaches to prepare and plan actual visits.
Keywords: online project-based learning (online PBL), elementary school students

期刊名稱International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning
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