Risks and Benefits of Outsourcing Hotel Operations: A Comparison between Scotland and Taiwan

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標題Risks and Benefits of Outsourcing Hotel Operations: A Comparison between Scotland and Taiwan
出版類型SSCI(Social Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsTomas F. Espino-Rodriguez, T. O. M. A. S. F. E. S. P. I. N. O. - R. O. D. R. I. G. U. E. Z., Pei-Chun Lai 賴佩均, & TOM BAUM T. O. M. B. A. U. M.
出版日期2012 / 2

This paper examines the use of outsourcing in the activities
comprising hotel operations in Scotland and Taiwan. Outsourcing is
a key process integrated into the design of the supply chain
management. The research also focuses on empirically identifying the
role of the outsourcing strategy in hotels. To this end, the authors
propose two hypotheses to study the relationship between the
benefits and risks of outsourcing and the tendency to use third-party
organizations. These hypotheses are analysed and tested in the two
regions. The study was conducted on a representative sample of 118
hotels in Scotland and Taiwan. A questionnaire was used to obtain
the findings. The results indicate that the principal candidates for
outsourcing are the activities requiring technical skills and those
services not involving direct contact with guests. No significant
differences were found between the current levels of outsourcing in
Scottish and Taiwanese hotels. The findings indicate that a stronger
perception of the risks and benefits of outsourcing has a greater
influence on outsourcing strategy. Furthermore, in the case of
Scottish hotels, it is the benefits that determine the level of
outsourcing, while it is the risks that do so in Taiwanese hotels. This
work contributes to the literature on outsourcing from a services

期刊名稱Tourism Economics
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