Investigation of the thermo-flowfield in an underground concentrating solar tower

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Investigation of the thermo-flowfield in an underground concentrating solar tower
AuthorsHsu, 徐子圭, L.J. Chang 張良吉, S.P. Lin 林尋平, miao jr-ming 苗志銘, & Tai 戴昌賢
會議名稱ICEICE 2011

The main of this study investigated the optimal design in an underground concentrating solar tower. The underground concentrating system is a hemispheric shell which setup under the ground. It is coved by the glasses on the top on the ground surface, and this system can let the sunshine incident and induce the greenhouse to raise the ground surface temperature. There is a wind turbine mounted in the tower that is operated by the nature convection due to the effect of solar radiation in the tower. The present study applied the finite volume method, pressure-based algorithms, and coupled with P-1 radiation model to simulate and solve the anisentropic scattering problems. The results show that there is 5 degree lower with N2O adding than the air filled. The underground part is a greenhouse filled by N2O, and it can absorb infrared to raise the ground temperature.

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