Effect of different cooking treatments on physical analysis and sensory evaluation of breast meat of broilers

in International Symposium (poster paper), 國際研討會(全文海報發表)
標題Effect of different cooking treatments on physical analysis and sensory evaluation of breast meat of broilers
AuthorsY.-C. Cai, Y. - C. C., C.- Y. Shih C. - Y. S., & Chih-Ming Chen 陳志銘
出版日期Aug 25 2010 12:0

Boiler breast meat cooked by different methods, such as roast or water bath heating treatment, would change their flavor and texture attributes. The results of some papers showed that the data of texture profile analysis(TPA)may have highly correlated with the attributes of sensory evaluation. The objectives of this study are investigated that the physical analysis and sensory evaluation of breast meat of boilers is influenced by the different cooking methods and to find the better conditions of physical analysis to determine texture quality of broiler meat by the results of sensory evaluation. The six 5-week boiler breast meat removed from chicken carcasses were randomly assigned into roast and water bath heating treatment group (RG and WBG). The boiler breast meat from the first group were roasted in oven set at 220℃(preheated at 240℃for 30 min) for 15 - 20 min, and group two samples were packed in vacuum-package bags, which were heat resistant, and cooked in hot water bath set at 80℃for 20 - 30 min, respectively. The boiler breast meat was heated to internal temperature of samples reaching to 75 - 80℃, which is the ending cooking temperature. The results showed that each individual conditions of the approximate analysis of the fresh breast meat of boilers had no significant difference (P > 0.05). It was found that WBG had higher moisture content than RG (P < 0.05), otherwise for ash content. RG had lower pH value and higher water holding capacity and L*, a*, b* value, but, there was no remarkably difference between two treatments. The data of physical analysis and sensory evaluation got from RG and WBG had no significant difference(P > 0.05), but, RG with higher penetration force and Warner-Bratzler shear force(WBSF)values indicated that roasted broiler breast meat need more power to cut them. Most of scores of sensory attributes(including allover acceptability), the hedonic scores of WBG were higher than RG.. Most of differential texture attributes had higher scores(tougher)resulted in panelists prefer to the samples of WBG.(probably higher moisture content). There was no significant difference(P > 0.05)from the TPA values of samples between these two treatments by applying 4 different categories of probes, i.e. penetration(P/2N), WBSF(HPD Warner Blade)、spherical probe(P5S)and cylindrical probe(P0.5). The results showed that most of data obtained from TPA of P5S probe of RG is little higher than those of WBG. This result had closer tendency to the data from sensory evaluation. It was found that the trained panelists preferred to the samples from WBG, it is possible that the samples of RG had softer texture, as well as the results got from P5S spherical probe had similar tendency.

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