A Study of Impacts of Privatisation in Developing Countries

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標題A Study of Impacts of Privatisation in Developing Countries
AuthorsCheng, 鄭國泰, & Cheng 鄭春發
出版日期2014 / 10

This paper looks critically at the ascendant concepts of employment impact of privatising
government-owned enterprises as developed in recent years in Western countries. Privatisation
and its impact are viewed as a product of the particular circumstances and ideologies influencing
Western economies in the 1980s and 1990s. This raises the question of whether such concepts
are applicable in different contexts and in particular how valuable these concepts are for
government-owned enterprises in developing countries. Many advisers and aid agencies appear
to proceed on the assumption that such privatisation philosophies and associated impact practices
are applicable to DCs. This view is challenged by a general analysis of the relevant features of
the institutional environment for many DC enterprises which do not seem to lend themselves
easily to the adoption of privatisation concepts and human resource practices.

期刊名稱International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
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