Governance for Agriculture Land Use in the Age of Globalization

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標題Governance for Agriculture Land Use in the Age of Globalization
AuthorsCheng, 鄭春發, Cheng 鄭國泰, & 吳連賞
期刊The International Journal of Management and Innovation
出版日期2012 / 6

The appropriate role of the state in economic and social development has been much
disputed in the past decades, with earlier ideas about an interventionist state under
attack from a neo-liberal perspective rooted in the neo-classical economics which
emphasis the superiority of the market forces. This force has led to the agriculture
land change in Taiwan. The loss of agriculture lands has been studies for many years.
The losses have been occurring from the time the settlers arrived in Taiwan. The focus
of the paper was to understand, through survey and content analysis, the role of
government in the governance for agriculture land use. The examination of these
stages of agriculture land use of Kaohsiung-Pingtung area in Taiwan will make a
contribution to our understanding of the interaction of economic, administrative, and
political processes for land changes in the age of globalization, and may suggest
lessons for policy makers involved in these processes of change. The result of the
paper also contributes to the literature on governance for agriculture land use and

期刊名稱The International Journal of Management and Innovation
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