Zigbee-assisted mobile robot gardener

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Zigbee-assisted mobile robot gardener
AuthorsChung-Liang Chang, 張仲良, & Jia H. Jhu(advisee) 朱佳珩(研究生)
出版日期Dec 2 2013 12:0
會議地點Taichung city

With an aging population and recent change in
traditional industries, automatic agricultural production has
become inevitable in intensive agriculture. Agriculture in every
country has gradually developed in terms of low-cost technical
development and transformed to tourism type of orchard or
greenhouse. Thus, the development of autonomous mobile robot
gardener to assist farmers has become quite important. In this
study, the prototype semi-autonomous mobile robot gardener is
proposed to meet the requirement for spraying in the
greenhouse. A robot designed with three wheels and driven by
front-wheels whose speed difference controls the moving
direction of the robot. The sensors including wide-angle laser
rangefinder (LRF), single-point LRF, ultrasonic, and
Hall-rotary encoders are equipped in the robot. The
ARM-based controller serves as the main core processor to
proceed with the behavior of mobile robot gardener. The initial
tests are conducted in miniature greenhouse. The operation area
is divided into multiple regions in the greenhouse. The internal
map information, the location of soil moisture sensor modules
(including Zigbee sensors), and mobile robot gardener moving
path are known a priori. When the particular task within the
region requires assistance, the robot moves on to the region and
performs spraying task. The robot is equipped with Zigbee
transceiver/receiver module to receive spraying task messages
from the soil moisture sensor modules. While all task flags are
confirmed by the robot, the control and decision-making
program are performed under the known location information
of the robot. The robot will move towards the selected path (the
edge of planting bed) and finally will arrive at designated
region. When the spraying work is completed, the robot stays on
original operation point and waits for the next task command.
The proposed mobile robot gardener can be applied for
unmanned management of greenhouse in the future.

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