B-lymphopoiesis gains sensitivity to subsequent inhibition by estrogens during final phase of fetal development

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標題B-lymphopoiesis gains sensitivity to subsequent inhibition by estrogens during final phase of fetal development
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AuthorsLudek Sefc, 無英文, Emanuel Necas 無, & Ko-Tung Chang 張格東
出版日期2012 / 1

Adult B-lymphopoiesis is suppressed by the inhibitory effects of elevated estrogens during pregnancy. At
the same time, hematopoietic cells in the fetal liver are resistant to this suppression by estrogens and
ensure active production of B-cells. We investigated whether this unresponsiveness to estrogens of fetal
cells also applies to cells obtained from a newborn liver and projects into the adult hematopoiesis when
fetal liver cells are transplanted to adult mice. Mixtures of fetal liver (E14.5), neonatal liver (P0.5) and adult
bone marrow (BM) cells were co-transplanted into adult primary and secondary recipients treated with
high doses of estrogen in the Ly5.1/Ly5.2 congenic mouse model. Total chimerism as a proportion of all
nucleated blood cells, chimerism as a proportion of B220+ B-cells, and of other blood cell lineages as well,
were determined by flow cytometry. B-lymphopoiesis derived from fetal liver (E14.5) stem cells remained
resistant to estrogen after transplantation into both primary and secondary adult recipients, for up to
280 days. In contrast, B-lymphopoiesis derived from neonatal liver (P0.5) stem cells was resistant to estrogen
only for approximately 50 days after the primary transplantation to the adult BM microenvironment.
These results provide further evidence for a critical developmental period of B-lymphopoiesis during its
fetal liver stage. In the mouse, critical developmental events that allow for the subsequent expressed sensitivity
of B-lymphopoiesis for suppression by estrogens after sexual maturation appear to occur during
the period of late-stage fetal liver hematopoiesis before its migration to the bone marrow.

期刊名稱Developmental and Comparative Immunology
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