Investigate the soil erodibility factor for emplaced the number of erosion stakes

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Investigate the soil erodibility factor for emplaced the number of erosion stakes
AuthorsJin Bing Lin, 林金炳
會議名稱2012 年中華水土保持學會年會及學術研討會論文集

To estimate soil erosion generally has in situ testing, empirical inductive method, and the chemical elements method. Each method, estimating the amount of soil erosion due to the scale application of object, could result disparately in orders. In in-situ test methods, several researchers commonly used the erosion stakes as tools for measuring and monitoring soil erosion on slope gullies. In order to achieve the accuracy of the estimating amount of eroded top soil. In each test area, the amount of erosion stakes should meat a minimum requirement, which Mtakwa et al. (1987) proposed 20 stakes at least in a small area of 20m2.
In this study, two study fields with same size in each selected watershed in the areas mentioned were equipped for soil erosion measurement. After the erosion stakes being lain, soil erosion was measured during raining periods. The USLE formula was used to back calculate the Km values. The Km values gained from two size test area with different number of erosion stakes, which are 20 m2 with 25 stakes and 8 m2 with 25 stakes, could discuss the factor of test scale on the processes and results.

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