The Relationship between Cloud Governance Mechanisms and Strategy

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題The Relationship between Cloud Governance Mechanisms and Strategy
AuthorsWen-Hsi Lydia Hsu, 許文西, & Yan-Fang Chen 陳彥方
出版日期Mar 29 2014 12:0

Due to the rapid development of global Internet, the use cloud service was become increasingly common. Although the cloud service to provide multiple services and convenient, however, the problem of information security management also continue to produce, such as server failure, information security, service interruptions…etc. Such as continuing to use the existing management system will likely produce many loopholes. It will influence the whole firm. Therefore, this study focuses on the impact of implementation of Cloud Governance on the firm strategy. Reducing the risk of cloud services, while of cloud strategy is to produce more effective in the firm. In this study, office workers that have cloud experiences were included as objects. One hundred and sixty-eight questionnaires were sent out and resulted in one hundred and fifty-one valid questionnaires, PLS was utilized to analyze the data. In order to measure the impact of cloud governance on firm strategy, the study uses a “cloud governance framework” and “cloud governance purpose” to further divided four dimensions that view enterprises to import cloud governance whether to produce benefits for cloud strategy. The final results show that for "Legality Dimension", "Performance Dimension" and "Service Dimension", they all have significantly positive impact on firm strategy. Which the "Service Dimension" bring maximum effective, and "legality Dimension" on corporate strategy, too norms will reduce the policy effectiveness.

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