Discursive Representations of Older People in Taiwanese Print News

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Discursive Representations of Older People in Taiwanese Print News
AuthorsIrene Chen, 陳錦慧
出版日期Apr 5 2014 12:0

This study is particularly concerned about the linguistic and discursive construction of concepts such as older people, older age, and ageing in Taiwanese print news reports. News reports, providing abundance of information about occurring incidents, arguably also function as a means to shape the readers’ perceptions of the world. The process of generating news reports regarding one particular social group, from the perspective of critical discourse analysis, cannot be as ideologically neutral as journalists tend to claim. The selection of the themes included in newspapers about older people, the attribution imposed on them, forms of addresses, the positioning of them to be agents or recipients of associated verbal process is ideological. News reports with reference to older people in the first season of 2013 were collected respectively from three newspapers widely-spread in Taiwan and approached by critical discourse analysis. Van Leeuwen’s tool for CDA, inspired by Halliday’s systemic-functional linguistics (Halliday 1978), was employed mainly in my study because it is useful to explore discursive representations of social actors in media texts (van Leeuwen 2008). Special attention was given to some linguistic devices used in the news representations of older people, such as role allocation, and the referential strategies realized as genericization, specification, individualization and assimilation. The relative distributions of the above linguistic devices were presented in the findings, followed by discussions in relation to stereotyping older people and reproduction of ageism in the conclusion. Consistent with the 2014 AHAC conference theme, this study reveals the ideologies and attitudes towards older age and ageing as legitimated and naturalized in Taiwanese newspapers to enhance the awareness of linguistic resources that could indirectly render struggles or conflicts older people might experience in the process of seeking age-related information in news.

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