The Factors of Recidivism and support network of Male Drug Abuse in Prisons of Taiwan

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題The Factors of Recidivism and support network of Male Drug Abuse in Prisons of Taiwan
AuthorsLi-Yu Chang, 張麗玉
出版日期May 24 2014 12:0

This study mainly investigates influencing factors of male drug abuse inmate’s recidivism and aims at probing into personal characteristics of male drug abuse inmates who make recidivism, recidivism influence factors and differences, current supporting network situations and differences, as well as relevance between supporting network and influencing factors of recidivism. Results of this study are expected to function as a reference for practices and policies about tissues on recidivism of drug abuse inmates.
This study uses quantitative approach, applies “questionnaire for influencing factor of recidivism”, “social support scale” and basic data as means of investigation, conducts purposive sampling, and chooses male drug abuse inmates who experienced recidivism as research objects. Questionnaire survey was conducted from February till May of 2013, and a total of 500 valid questionnaires were obtained.
Through analyses, this study finds male drug abuse inmates are mostly single, junior-high-school educated, and aged from 31 to 40. Age of first-time drug taking mainly falls between 20 and 29. Male drug abuse inmates who are put in prison gradually face a situation of aging. Most of these addicts live with family members, own economic independence, have friends who take drugs, and are highly experienced in drug addiction treatment. Results demonstrate influencing factors of male drug abuse inmates’ recidivism are diversified and need more attention. Supporting network of this group is weak and negatively correlated with influencing factors of recidivism: the stronger the supporting network is, the weaker the influencing factor will be. Supporting network should be strengthened so as to respond to recidivism influence factors of male drug abuse inmates. As per research results, this paper proposes suggestions for the drug addicts, family members, assistance providers, correctional institutions, communities and relevant policies.

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