Resource Use Efficiency in Vegetable Production in the High Hills of Eastern Nepal

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標題Resource Use Efficiency in Vegetable Production in the High Hills of Eastern Nepal
AuthorsShrestha, 盧德拉, & Huang 黃文琪
出版日期2014 / 7

The main purpose of this study was to analyze the resource use efficiency and factors influencing inefficiency in vegetable production in the high hills of Eastern Nepal. This study used secondary data set of Nepal vegetable crops survey (2010) collected by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Government of Nepal, and adopted the stochastic frontier analysis (SFA). The results from the maximum likelihood estimates revealed that the mean technical efficiency score was 0.79 which indicated high potential in increasing vegetable production from the existing resources and technology. The major contributing input factors for resource use efficiency were land, labour, seeds, compost, fertilizers, pesticides, and farm capital. The farm-specific factors such as seed types, credit access, and technical support significantly affected on inefficiency in vegetable production. The study recommends policies to focus on improving land, developing skilful labour, encouraging vegetable farmers to promote compost, easy access to farm capital, fertilizers and pesticides. Policies need to focus also on innovating and adopting improved seed varieties, easy access to credit facilities, and technical supports and backstopping to farmers, and encouraging women farmers in vegetable production.

期刊名稱Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Economics
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