Full genome analysis of a novel type II feline coronavirus NTU156

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標題Full genome analysis of a novel type II feline coronavirus NTU156
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AuthorsChao-Nan LIN, 林昭男, Ruey-Yi Chang 張瑞宜, Bi-Ling Su 蘇璧伶, & Ling-Ling Chueh 闕玲玲
出版日期2012 / 12

Infections by type II feline coronaviruses
(FCoVs) have been shown to be significantly correlated
with fatal feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Despite nearly
six decades having passed since its first emergence, different
studies have shown that type II FCoV represents
only a small portion of the total FCoV seropositivity in
cats; hence, there is very limited knowledge of the evolution
of type II FCoV. To elucidate the correlation between
viral emergence and FIP, a local isolate (NTU156) that was
derived from a FIP cat was analyzed along with other
worldwide strains. Containing an in-frame deletion of 442
nucleotides in open reading frame 3c, the complete genome
size of NTU156 (28,897 nucleotides) appears to be the smallest among the known type II feline coronaviruses. Bootscan analysis revealed that NTU156 evolved from two crossover events between type I FCoV and canine coronavirus, with recombination sites located in the
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and M genes. With an
exchange of nearly one-third of the genome with other
members of alphacoronaviruses, the new emerging virus could gain new antigenicity, posing a threat to cats that either have been infected with a type I virus before or never have been infected with FCoV

期刊名稱Virus Genes
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